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All the Dances for Your Wedding Reception

At your wedding reception, things usually go in the following order: the cake cutting, your parent’s toast, the toast from the maid of honor, the toast from your best man and then the dances. In this article, we’ve outlined the different dances for your wedding reception and the song choices you could use for each…
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Top 3 Music Wedding Tips

Music makes the world go round, and music feeds a wedding with life. Choosing the wrong band to play the wrong kind of music can only have one consequence: A wedding that will be sourly remembered for being a disaster. You don’t have to fall victim to this, though. You only need to follow a…
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Getting the Music Right on Your Wedding Day

It goes without saying- music makes a wedding ceremony extra special.  Music soothes the soul and lifts the spirit, and in the nuptial celebration setting, it sets the tone for a romantic escapade. The romantic high you get from your wedding music should take you straight into your honeymoon. Your wedding ceremony is your special…
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Great Tips for Your Father- Daughter Dance Routine

    Choosing the music for your wedding day can be a pretty exciting time for a bride and groom to be! Think of it as your very own special playlist that you will create to celebrate with family and friends. You may have already thought of what types of songs that you would like to…
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Why Choose a Band Over a DJ for Your Wedding?

Your wedding deserves to be amazing – and your love story should be celebrated in grand style. The colors, the food, the dress and the fancy tux – they all contribute to making your wedding day feel incredible. But why should you choose a Band over a DJ when it comes to your wedding day?…
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Four First Dance Songs for Everyone

There’s nothing like a love song to soothe the soul and help you celebrate the wonderful beauty of love itself. Nothing can be more endearing than seeing a couple dance for the first time as husband and wife.  Obviously, there are a thousand and one love songs out there – and as a couple about to get married,…
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Genres of Music you may want to Skip on your Big Day

There’s nothing like music to lift people’s moods and create a more inviting atmosphere. That is one of the reasons music is so important at weddings – as a bride and groom, you want to make sure your guests feel happy throughout your Big Day.   What are some of the songs you might want to avoid, though?   Anything that might…
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4 Mistakes to Avoid when Planning Your Wedding Music

Undoubtedly, your wedding music is one of the most important parts of your Big Day.  There is nothing as powerful as music when it comes to creating ambiance and entertaining your guests.  Choosing the right music is just as important as choosing your décor, it sets the mood.   What are some of the mistakes you should definitely avoid making when planning your wedding music?   Choosing something because it’s…
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5 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe about Live Bands Playing at Weddings

Here are five myths about live bands you shouldn’t believe: Your wedding is on the horizon and you need some awesome wedding entertainment to put everyone in the mood to get up and dance. Should you call a DJ or a live band? You can call a DJ, but then you’re playing safe, as most…
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