Hold Fast Your Vision
Embrace ALL your family and friends at your wedding with our Virtual Live Streaming services
Live HD video and production quality audio
Real-time audio and video interaction with your online guests
Encrypted access for totally secure privacy protection
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Captivating productions, creating engaging virtual experiences

Close-up of the front panel of the professional digital betacam video recorder. 
Shallow dof. Displays, equalizer, buttons.
Skilled camera and audio technicians with unrivaled knowledge of live video production
Creative multi-cam live streams with instant and perpetual on-demand playback
Intergration of personal pre-recorded videos and custom-made slidshows

Hang-out live with your virtual wedding guests at your convenience

Choose from a wide array of online platforms; Zoom, Teams, YouTube, Facebook and more

Personalize with video overlays matching your wedding theme, colors and stationary

Create highlight clips for social sharing and add your personal commentary

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Mulit-cam Production


Integrated Video

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Social Platforms

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Custom Graphics

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Highlights Clips

We can help visualize your virtual wedding

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