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Top 3 Music Wedding Tips

Top 3 Music Wedding Tips

Music makes the world go round, and music feeds a wedding with life. Choosing the wrong band to play the wrong kind of music can only have one consequence: A wedding that will be sourly remembered for being a disaster. You don’t have to fall victim to this, though. You only need to follow a few simple but important tips to get things right.

  • Think About Overtime

4 hours is usually the time most bands or DJs are hired to play, but if you suspect-or desire-your wedding or the reception will last longer, it’s best you book an extra hour; better, yet, why not just agree to overtime fees, regardless of how steep they are? If you and your guests are having fun by dancing your woes away, that’s all that matters, isn’t it?

  • Let the Band Play for You First

It makes sense to see and hear your live band before the big day, don’t you think? Before you sign any papers, ask the band if they have some clips of their past performances at other weddings. A demo CD can be great here but if it’s possible, and if they will agree to it, ask the band to play live for you so you know exactly what to expect on your wedding day. Ask about the singers too. You want everything to be perfect on your big day, so it’s only logical to be aware of every detail.

  • Don’t Forget the Contract

Whatever you intend to do must be gotten in writing: The contact information and names of your performers, the date the wedding is supposed to take place, the location and how many hours you expect the band to play. You have to agree on a price too, and if you can foresee the event lasting longer than planned, agree on the overtime costs you’ll have to pay. And don’t forget to document requests for the length and number of breaks too

Now, all this may seem daunting, but it’s really not. These are just tips to make your wedding more organized. Once you get all this down, the next step is to choose the right band, isn’t it? Look no further than McLean Avenue Band. Contact us for live music that simply has no equal. Your guests will clap, and they will dance; sweet music will caress their ears and compel their feet to dance. It’s going to be a day you won’t soon forget!