Here are five myths about live bands you shouldn’t believe:

Your wedding is on the horizon and you need some awesome wedding entertainment to put everyone in the mood to get up and dance.

Should you call a DJ or a live band?

You can call a DJ, but then you’re playing safe, as most weddings end up calling someone to play some songs.

Or you can hire a live band. Yes, we know there are many myths surrounding live bands, which is why we are here to bust them, one by one. Here are five myths about live bands you shouldn’t believe:

1.     Live Bands Are Cheesy

Even though some cheesy live bands do exist, you can’t paint every live band with the same brush. If you want to stay clear of those cheesy live bands that have given good live bands a bad name, check out their live videos or if they are performing at some location, go and see them. If you like what you see, hire them.

2.     Live Bands Don’t Offer Variety

Live bands do offer variety. Just ask them for their song list and they will provide you with all the songs they perform at weddings. They can provide you with party favorites, slow dance songs, Irish music, Motown, rock and roll, country, and the most requested songs. If they are a professional live band, they are always learning new music, thus giving you the varietyyou seek.

3.     Live Bands Do a Bad Job Performing the Songs I Like

That’s why, you need to go and see them in person. It is important that you consult with the live band and ask them to provide you with a few videos of them performing some of your favorite songs. If they perform the songs you like, get them for your wedding.

4.     Live Bands Are Too Loud

You don’t want a live band who plays music so loudly that it makes your guests uncomfortable, but what you don’t know is that they are not loud at all. How loud they are depends on the type of songs you want them to play at your wedding.

Moreover, the band’s sound team can control the volume of the music. If the live band has years of experience at playing at weddings, chances are that they also have a professional and capable sound team who can adjust the volume to ensure you and your guests are at ease throughout the set.

5.     Live Bands with More Pieces Are Better

Not necessarily. This is not true at all. When it comes down to hiring a live band for your wedding, you need to trust your ears and instincts, not on the number of pieces they have. A live band with more pieces may be better than one with a few pieces and vice versa, as it all comes down to thequality of music.

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